AIM Cancellation FAQ


Your broker will need to trade the shares through the NASDAQ market and they will arrange settlement by transferring the shares out of the CREST system to the purchaser’s US Broker


You have a choice. If you have arrangements with a US brokerage or custody firm, you can move the shares into a Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (“DTC “) eligible account (either now or after conversion of the DI’s to CREST DI’s). Alternatively, if you do nothing, you will receive CREST DI’s in place of the existing DI’s that you hold for your customer. Thereafter, on sale, the shares will be moved to the DTC account of the buyer’s broker.

You are keeping your shares in England, because you will have Crest DI’s representing your shares. Crest DI’s will be held by your broker in almost exactly the same way as the DI’s they’ve been holding for you up until now. The only difference is that you can trade your Planet Payment shares through the NASDAQ market as opposed to the London market.

The published information about the Company will continue to be found under the ticker symbol PLPM on any financial website that covers the US Market. The ticker symbol PPT will no longer be in use.Of course you will continue to find all published information about the Company on this website.

If you are already holding shares in a US brokerage account, this change does not affect your shareholding, or the way you can trade your stock in the US.

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